Winter Break

I spent the last week of 2013 and the first week of 2014 at my Vieja’s house. And I’ve done absolutely nothing…well almost nothing.

Christmas Eve was spent watching endless Christmas movies with my mom. We lounged in our jammies and munched on our unconventional Christmas Eve dinner of shrimp cocktails.

Christmas Day my mom and I hauled the bags of presents over to my sister’s house. The kids had just found their gifts from Santa and my sister was barely opening her eyes. The excitement in each of their faces as they opened their every gift was amazing. They each have their own special way of opening up and taking in each present. I loved every moment of it.


For the last few years I’ve helped my mom host New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by family is exactly how I like to bring in the new year. This year my mom deep fried a turkey, my sister’s mother-in-law brought the midnight menudo, and my sister and I put together a few side dished and dessert. I made a churro cheesecake…which made the house smell so delicious! While the adults played a game of 31, the kids had fun running around outside and playing in the big jumper my mom rented. 2014 has so much to offer…its only a matter of making it happen for myself.


Now with only 1 day left of my winter break, I have to pack up my stuff and head back to reality and work. But I’ll work on that after the Chargers’ playoff game! Go Bolts!

Winter Break

New job, new city, old me.

Goodbye, Orange County! Hello, San Diego!

At 27 years young, I flew the coop. I found a job and moved to Huntington Beach, CA! Adjusting to paying rent, bills, and being away from home was such a great experience. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and support I received from everyone around me.

Realizing that Orange County wasn’t for me, I started looking for a job in San Diego. As much as I love the beauty Huntington Beach has to offer, I quickly discovered that I missed my family and friends way too much…I often wondered if they missed me just as much. 😉

After a four month search, I was offered a job in San Diego. So many positive factors behind this decision too!

  1. Closer to my family
  2. Closer to my friends
  3. Kept it beachy 😉
  4. My new job was more of a promotion. Sr. in front of any position sounds so nice!

Things are moving along smoothly and I’m starting to feel like me again.


about the NEW in my life

i finally got around to setting up my computer and internet last night. so good to get back to blog-surfing and catching up my social media sites. i can get lost in all the interesting reads for hours.

i just moved into a new apartment. its perfect for me. not too big, not too small. my balcony overlooks the tennis courts. the courts get a lot of action. its interesting to hear the grunts and noises that come from the men playing…there’s a whole lotta “heees” going on right now too. i have several boxes strategically placed around my new apartment…which still need to be opened and unpacked. oops. before i moved i bought cute (cheap and smelly) duct tape from target’s dollar bins. loved the chevron and floral prints. although it smelled really gross, it added some fun to my move.

another new in my life is my means of transportation. i traded in my 4 door sentra for a new 2 door carrito. love the smell of a new car. i know they sell the air freshners that have the scent but that’s cheating. ha, just kidding.

back to unpacking, rearranging and purging…

about the NEW in my life