about the NEW in my life

i finally got around to setting up my computer and internet last night. so good to get back to blog-surfing and catching up my social media sites. i can get lost in all the interesting reads for hours.

i just moved into a new apartment. its perfect for me. not too big, not too small. my balcony overlooks the tennis courts. the courts get a lot of action. its interesting to hear the grunts and noises that come from the men playing…there’s a whole lotta “heees” going on right now too. i have several boxes strategically placed around my new apartment…which still need to be opened and unpacked. oops. before i moved i bought cute (cheap and smelly) duct tape from target’s dollar bins. loved the chevron and floral prints. although it smelled really gross, it added some fun to my move.

another new in my life is my means of transportation. i traded in my 4 door sentra for a new 2 door carrito. love the smell of a new car. i know they sell the air freshners that have the scent but that’s cheating. ha, just kidding.

back to unpacking, rearranging and purging…

about the NEW in my life

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