New job, new city, old me.

Goodbye, Orange County! Hello, San Diego!

At 27 years young, I flew the coop. I found a job and moved to Huntington Beach, CA! Adjusting to paying rent, bills, and being away from home was such a great experience. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and support I received from everyone around me.

Realizing that Orange County wasn’t for me, I started looking for a job in San Diego. As much as I love the beauty Huntington Beach has to offer, I quickly discovered that I missed my family and friends way too much…I often wondered if they missed me just as much. 😉

After a four month search, I was offered a job in San Diego. So many positive factors behind this decision too!

  1. Closer to my family
  2. Closer to my friends
  3. Kept it beachy 😉
  4. My new job was more of a promotion. Sr. in front of any position sounds so nice!

Things are moving along smoothly and I’m starting to feel like me again.